Native Pineapple Arrack Cocktail (250ml)

ORIGIN: Singapore

ABV: 25%

VOLUME: 250ml

Ceylon Arrack, Old Coconuts, Pineapple Skins, Sri Lankan Spices

NATIVE Cocktail Bar. Open your eyes, beauty and inspiration are all around us. This is where we’re from, this is where we are. We don’t have to travel far. NATIVE is our home. Just around us, there are so many ingredients and resources. We love to work with ingredients we are familiar with, that we grew up with; mango, tumeric, cinnamon, tapioca etc. But we also love to discover what we have not seen. From foraged ants to arrak from Sri Lanka, we only have to walk within the region. Founded by Vijay Mudaliar, NATIVE is committed to using local and regional produce and supporting local and regional craftsmen for its wares, scents, music and more.

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