Sailor's Grave Law Of The Tongue Oyster Stout

ORIGIN: Australia

ABV: 5.8%

VOL: 355ml

"Smokey Oyster Stout brewed with Wapengo Rock Oysters & Sunrise Limes 5.8% ABV This is the story of an Orca named Old Tom, who during the early 20th century spent almost four decades helping Sapphire Coast fishermen catch baleen whales . In return, Old Tom and his pod feasted on the lips and tongues of the whalers' haul. This was known as the ‘Law of the Tongue’ An Oyster Stout brewed in collaboration with Wapango Rocks Wild Organic Oysters. 80 dozen oysters harvested by Shane Buckley from Wapengo Rocks were added to the kettle to provide subtle mineral and ocean flavours. Also brewed with Beechwood smoked malt, lactose and Sunrise Limes (a cross between a native lime and a cumquat) from Murray View Organics. Smooth, creamy and full-bodied with a bacon-like smokiness and citrus kick in the tail. Impenetrably dark and beautifully balanced "

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