Borachio Pinot Noir 2019

Origin: Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Grape: Pinot Noir

Picked during a wild heatwave, 3 days over 40c - brutal! Whole bunches, jumped on and macerated for 4 days, topped up with some Pash Rash juice. Fresh and bright, with lively acidity. Reminds me a little bit of Allens toffee apple lollies, some tiny tannin hiding out right in the back. Hard not to smash a bottle.

Borachio - A skin for holding wine, commonly a goat's; also a nick name for a drunkard. Job redundancies make you want to make wine. But quitting city life and giving the 9-5 the iddle finger altogether does wonders. Mark and Alicia started Borachio after landing in the Adelaide Hills, working with wine makers who shared their interests. Their unadulterated wines are wild and free, but hands on and focused. All wines are made from fruit grown to organic standards, hand picked and turned into wine free of any additions or subtractions.

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