NON 4 Roast Beetroot & Sansho - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Australia

VOL: 750ml

Lightly carbonated, similar to that of a sparkling Shiraz/chilled red style with a charred herb nose. Australian beets are blackened and roasted to create a leather charred profile. A toasted green tea is blended along with aromatic black pepper, bay leaf and Sansho pepper from Japan. Tamari & jalapeno bring a savoury vegetal profile, light on the palate into a tingling finish.

Non identifies as a zero-alcohol alternative to wine. A brainchild of ex-Noma chef William Wade and branding whiz Aaron Trotman, Non is built with similar production methods and flavour profiles to wine, offering sippers a beverage that’s just as deep and complex as the real thing.

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