Sorgin Small Batch Sauvignon Gin

Sorgin Small Batch Sauvignon Gin - Temple Cellars

Sorgin Small Batch Sauvignon Gin

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ORIGIN: France

ABV: 43%

VOL: 700ml

A unique French remix of Gin. Ohh the class of the French... They just know how to make things sophisticated and fancy. Take Gin, for example. A quintessentially British Spirit of choice, but the French decided to make it even better. Meet Sabine Jaren and François Lurton, well-known winemakers. They came up with Sorgin, a fantastically complex Gin distilled from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Yup, you read that right. This so-called "winemaker's Gin" is a Sauvignon Blanc distillate with added grapefruit zest, violets, lemon, gorse, lime zest, redcurrant buds, and of course a distillate of juniper. It's a unique and innovative spin on the classical tune and this remix is a harmony of two wildly different types of booze. It's a silky-smooth Gin with elegant flavors and a firm Sauvignon Blanc background. It's a delicious bridge that brings wine lovers and Gin aficionados together. Drink it neat or in a G&T, you'll love it. The Brits might have won the Waterloo, but the French just made Gin much, much better.

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