Santamania Lola & Vera Gin - Temple Cellars


ABV: 40%

VOL: 700ml

Lola & Vera owes its name to our two copper pot stills. It is grain-based and made with water from the Sierra de Madrid mountain range and top quality botanicals that include Macedonian juniper. Lola and Vera are much more than just stills. They are an entire distillery. They are the result of a creative process in which Javier, Víctor and Ramón were all involved, and they were built by the prestigious German manufacturer, CARL Distilleries and Brewhouses. First came Vera, a precise and sophisticated piece of engineering which has become the figurehead of the brand, with a design that is unique in Spain. VERA has a 6-plate distillation column that enables it to perform traditional “one- shot” distillation, in which the maceration and infusion of the botanicals both take place in a single process.

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