Fair Juniper Gin - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: France

ABV: 42%

VOL: 500ml

FAIR is a portfolio of ethically made spirits, each emblazoned with a Fairtrade stamp and a strong sense of social responsibility. The company was founded in 2009 by Alexandre Koiransky, a Frenchman who’d spent four years in Chicago as a Cognac sales representative. While he found the spirits industry interesting, his heart lay in the ethics that surrounded it; he wanted to work with farmers fairly, to create a chain of production that treated everyone with respect.

As soon as the bottle is open, an unmistakable juniper leaps forward, bringing with it a herbal quality that dominates the gin’s aroma. The musty notes from grains of paradise and cardamom try to fight their way forward, but are very much kept on a leash by a prominent juniper.

Juniper comes through to taste, with cardamom and grains of paradise underpinning the gin and adding a spiced floor to the gin. The roots (both angelica and calamus) bring a rich, oily mouthfeel and a slightly earthy finish too. The botanicals are all delivered in a calm manner, with coriander seed bringing a citrus tinge to proceedings but never seeking to shout above the pack.

This is a warming gin and relatively classic in many ways. At 42% its unexpectedly easy to sip neat, but at its best in a G&T. If you like juniper forward or even spice-leaning gins, Fair Gin wouldn’t be our first suggestion as it’s somewhere between the two rather than clearly one or the other, but it’s undeniably well made and versatile in cocktails.

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