Layer Cake Chardonnay 2017 - Temple Cellars

Origin: Central Coast, California
Grape: Chardonnay 

The nose is reminiscent of preserved Meyer lemons, wet stones and a hint of lime blossoms. The rich body and texture builds as it envelops your mouth, while layers of Kaffir lime, guava, and pineapple tantalize; followed by light, creamy texture of whipped lemon curd. The lingering finish is clean and crisp, preparing your palate for more.

Our winemaking approach for Layer Cake Chardonnay is one of minimal intervention, allowing the fruit and place to speak for itself. Gentle harvest and aging techniques allow us to bring the fruit to its fullest potential. We let the grapes develop fully for concentrated layers of fruit, heady, evocative aromatics and perfect balance of flavor. We ferment in stainless steel at low temperatures to preserve the intense, complex aromatics, and then age selected lots in 3-year old, air-dried French oak to accentuate and balance the wine.

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