Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall Ju Hua Cha (500ml) - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Singapore

A herbal floral take on a Classic G&T but better! A refreshing light cocktail best suited for the current situation! Gin and Tonic are known historically to cure malaria. But with our version we hope to give you vitality and keep you safe from the nasty COVID-19!


Ginseng & Chrysanthemum Gin + 4 Bottles of London Essence Tonic Water


Pour into Highball and Top Up Tonic Water

A good cocktail bar is hard to find but nestled in a corner of Boat Quay is Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall. On the menu, you’ll find interesting local-inspired cocktails that pay tribute to aspects of Singapore culture, such as the Laksa cocktail. With ingredients such as dried shrimp-rendered oil-infused vodka, lemongrass, and chilli padi, this drink is fresh with subtle savoury notes. Another famous drink,  Tak Qiu (kick ball in Hokkien and the colloquial nickname for Milo), is a variation of the popular Old Fashioned cocktail that combines Milo and bourbon for a nostalgic, comforting taste.

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