The Elephant Room Jothi's Flower Shop (500ml) - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Singapore

ABV: 22%

VOLUME: 500ml (serves 6-8 over ice)

Jasmine Gin, Davanam Tincture, Lime & Honey

Inspired by the famous Little India flower Shop located on Campbell Lane. It's been around since the 1960s and generations of families have bought fragrant jasmine flowers from the shop into their homes. 


The Elephant Room uses the same flowers to concoct this bottle of liquid comfort. Cooked with a fine balance of milk and gin, then fermented with lime and honey — a nod to the bees that buzz cheerfully around the shop.


And that's how you get that whiff of fragrant jasmine, with a balanced yet punchy taste that will make your world feel right once more.



Strong notes of floral aroma of jasmine.



Well balanced sweetness complimented with the tartness of lime.



Rich lingering fruity flavours.


Recommended home serve: 

Chilled and over ice.


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