Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall Tak Qiu (300ml) - Temple Cellars

ORIGIN: Singapore

VOLUME: 300ml

What do you get when you put Singaporean’s favourite beverage; Milo, with the world’s most popular cocktail; Old Fashioned? An amazing marriage of flavours where you get the chocolatey and malty flavours of milo combined with the taste of bourbon. A boozy cocktail that brings you back to your favourite memories of Milo but with booze this time!

Milo Bourbon | Stablized Simple Syrup | Angostura Bitters

Pour into Rock Glass With Ice and Enjoy


A good cocktail bar is hard to find but nestled in a corner of Boat Quay is Ah Sam's Cold Drink Stall. On the menu, you’ll find interesting local-inspired cocktails that pay tribute to aspects of Singapore culture, such as the Laksa cocktail. With ingredients such as dried shrimp-rendered oil-infused vodka, lemongrass, and chilli padi, this drink is fresh with subtle savoury notes. Another famous drink,  Tak Qiu (kick ball in Hokkien and the colloquial nickname for Milo), is a variation of the popular Old Fashioned cocktail that combines Milo and bourbon for a nostalgic, comforting taste.

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