Track Brewing

A trip in 2008 from the East to West Coast of the US left such a lasting impression on founder Sam Dyson that years later he eventually founded Track Brewing Co in his home in the North West of the UK, at an arch underneath the Manchester Piccadilly Station. During his trip, he discovered the joys of American IPAs like Russian River's Pliny the Elder and New Belgium's Fat Tire while cycling from Virginia through Washington state then the Rockies and the coast down to San Francisco. He continued to travel by bike in South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe and tens of thousands of miles later he was inspired to open his own hop-forward brewery.Track has a reputation for its consistently exceptional beer. Expect hoppy, modern and thirst quenching Pale Ales, IPAs and DIPAs from the solid brewery, and exciting collaborations with some of the world's best like Other Half.