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    Craig and Carla Hawkins launched Testalonga in the north of Swartland, South Africa in 2008. After travelling extensively in Portugal and Austria learning his craft Craig Hawkins returned to South Africa and became the winemaker at top Swartland estate Lammershoek. Known for their striking intensity and nervy energy, Craig and Carla's wines are on the cutting edge of the natural wine movement in their country. They are part of a revolutionary ground swell taking place in South African wine, where traditions are being challenged and brave new territory is being explored. Craig makes his own wines from various small, organic vineyard sites in Swartland and makes his wine naturally, with as little intervention as possible. The painfully small amount of wine that this duo produces gets snapped up in short order the world over. 
    4 products
    Testalonga El Bandito Skin Chenin Blanc 2020
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    Testalonga Mangaliza Harslevelu 2020
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    Testalonga The Dark Side Syrah 2020
    Testalonga Keep On Punching 2020 (Chenin Blanc)