Muri Trio Pack

Muri Trio Pack

Muri Trio Pack

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ORIGIN: Denmark
VOL: 750ml x 3 bottles
ABV: <0.5%

An introductory pack into the world of Muri drinks. Includes Muri Nuala, Muri Passing Clouds and Muri Yamile.

Red Berries - Light Tannins - Balanced Acidity.
A red wine alternative. No alcohol. Vegan friendly.
Nuala is complex, juicy and fresh but with real poise. Aromas of red berries are met with a hint of forest, a slight tartness and a layered palate with gentle tannins. 

Passing Clouds
Dry - Complex - Floral
A champagne alternative. No alcohol. Vegan friendly.
Sparkling and refreshing with bright acidity and a heady nose of flowers, honey and ripe fruits. Passing Clouds is dry but with multiple dimensions of flavours and a vinous funkiness.

Aromatic - Funky - Smoky
A sparkling rose. No alcohol. Gluten free.
Soft red fruits and creamy smokiness, with a delicate aromatic finish. Yamil‚ąö¬© is refreshingly dry and approachable but with playful flavour complexities and vinous funkiness.

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