Melati Classic

Melati Classic

Melati Classic

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Origin: Singapore
ABV: 0%
Vol: 500ml

Melati is Asia’s first non-alcoholic aperitif inspired by traditional Asian remedies, blended and bottled in Singapore.

26 botanicals are carefully cold-extracted over 6 weeks to create a body with complex layers of berries and florals folded into warming spices and fresh citrus. Deliciously complex with fruity and floral goji berries, sensual hibiscus and rich cacao. Accompanied by warming notes of red kampot pepper and a dry bittersweet finish of sencha tea and bitter orange peel. A lovely alternative to alcoholic drinks, the ingredients help detoxify the liver, increase blood flow, spark digestion and support general wellbeing.

A Melati Spritz is the best way to enjoy this non-alcoholic aperitif with unadulterated flavour.

500 ml, 10 delicious serves, 0% alcohol, 12 Calories per serving.v

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