Jukes 1 - The Classic White - Box of 9

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VOL: 30ml

Built on a theme of peach blossom, refreshing cucumber, top quality plums, tart apples and pineapple husk, Jukes 1 is a fragrant drink with a full flavour on the palate and, crucially a long, tart, lemon zest-tinged finish.

The apple cider vinegar allows each ingredients to express themselves fully thanks to our delicate maceration techniques. Jukes 1 is based on the flavours of a multitude of different white wine styles which enables it to match with an extremely broad range of dishes. 

One bottle of Jukes 1 makes two glasses. Fill a wine glass halfway with chilled still, sparkling, or even tonic water. Pour a half bottle of Jukes and swirl. Adjust by adding more Jukes or water to suit your palate. We love it especially with chilled sparking water. Refrigerate the bottle once opened.