Jamsheed Harem La Menace Rouge 2014 - Temple Cellars

The latest addition to the Jamsheed Harem collection, the La Menace Rouge is a single vineyard tastebud teaser and an absolute menace to sobriety.

Honouring the memory of head honcho Gary Mills' dearly departed canine friend, the Red Menace is a red drop imbued with the talented (and in this case, tender) touch of Jamsheed and award-winning soil from the Wandin East region of the upper Yarra Valley. Dark fruited with a drinkable lightness, it's a quintessential Jamsheed wine that truly expresses the soil with class-leading flair.

A menace in name and in nature, the Jamsheed La Menace Rouge simply won't leave you alone once you've been acquainted.

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