Domaine Saladin

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    The Domaine Saladin is an organic winery located in Saint Marcel d'Ardèche, a village in the South Côtes du Rhône.

    Elisabeth, Marie-Laurence, Louis and Annick Saladin run the Domaine Saladin, a family vineyard passed down from fathers to sons and father to daughters, since 1422. The 18 hectares and 13 Rhône grape varietals of the Domaine are characterized by having always been harvested by hand, and cultivated and vinified organically. 

    The wines at Domaine Saladin are natural, vinified without chemical additives (artificial yeast, tannins, and enzymes). Only a small amount of sulphur is added to the tanks and during the bottling. The indigenous yeasts give thier wines their 'signature' and convey the natural identity of each 'terroir.' 

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