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    It all began in 2015 when our master distiller established Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery to create exceptional, flavourful meads, an uncommon beverage choice in Southeast Asia, for locals to experience and enjoy. Upon creating a successful & well-received mead portfolio, it gave us a greater strive & vision to venture further into the uncommon, and shake-up the status quo of regional & international alcohol industries.

    This transformed our meadery into an avant-garde distillery, aptly named Compendium Spirits, where we’ve been honing our techniques, experimenting with familiar and exotic spirits & perfecting our craft. In 2019, we launched our first release and flagship products, Rojak Gin & Chendol Gin, an inspiration of Malaysian & Singaporean hawker cultures, flavours well-cherished by the locals. Many more interesting concoctions ensued, from ‘Kopi-O Liqueur’, ‘Straits Vodka (distilled with Southeast-Asian honey & spices) to ‘Gula Melaka Arrack’. We’re constantly innovating, driven to captivate the world with unique and memorable flavours. Masterfully crafted to be the catalyst behind every great night, with every sip designed to be enjoyed by connoisseurs, curious casual-drinkers & experience-seekers alike.

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