Burning Sky Brewery

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    Amongst the familiar glint of stainless steel and colorful lengths of hose, stand former wine barrels and large wooden foeders, their oaken hulls carefully nurturing steadily maturing beer. More barrels can be found in the second building, along with something else that’s unique for a modern-day British brewery.

    A brewery that describes itself as “Artisan Brewers and Blenders,” Burning Sky makes some of the most well-respected beer in the United Kingdom. Founder Mark Tranter was voted the best Brewer of the Year 2014 by the Guild of British Beer Writers, and the brewery was named 4th Best New Brewery in the World by Ratebeer. "I wanted to make beers that would be difficult to do elsewhere in the UK due to the unpredictable and uncertain nature of them. These ideas just wouldn’t go away, so the only way that I could ever achieve them would be to start my own brewery.

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