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    James Graves Opie is the guy behind Bryterlater, an up and coming NZ organic winery. While Bryterlater may be new to the NZ wine scene, we’re pretty sure it’s going to the one to watch as it grows. As a winemaker, he believes that to make great wine all the efforts that are shared by the vineyard, viticulture and winemaker come to fruition in the statement in the bottle. His wines are also reflection of his patience and angst as he feels that the whole wine world is rushing to get into the bottle and not allow the wine to follow its own rhythm and vibrations.

    “I have always gravitated toward wines that had more to tell than the sum of their parts. Wines that weren’t perfect, that spoke more of their place than the ego of their winemaker. Organics in consumption is very important to me but organics in creation is something that I believe is essential to make natural wines. Vineyards grown from soils that are pushed to produce cannot represent the terroir or situation that they are grown in. I merely steer the wines down a path. They are the journey.” - James Opie

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