Here we refer to Amaro, which is Italian for "bitter". Originally from mainland Italy and Sicily, Amaros are broadly speaking, a bittersweet herbal liqueur. Amaro is Italian for "bitter". Italy is a nation steeped in history and tradition, much of which is based around the twin pillars of eating and drinking. The rules are simple: an aperitivo before dinner, wine during, and a glass of amaro afterwards to seal the deal. There are similar liqueurs from a variety of other European nations, including Germany, France and the Netherlands, but Italian amaro brands are by far the most widespread.


Despite the name, they aren't all that bitter. They're made by infusing a neutral spirit with any number of aromatics, including spices, tree bark, roots, seeds, fruits, etc. Originally developed for medicinal purposes, bitters have since moved from the medicinal cabinet to cocktail bars and home bars. They're great consumed neat, or with ice / tonic / seltzers, as well as used in cocktails!