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When we first swung open our doors at UE Square in the August of 2017, it was a momentous occasion. Not just for us, but we believe, for the craft beverage community here as well.

We were among the first full-fledged bottle shops to open in Singapore, offering products across all alcohol categories, whether beers, wines, spirits, sakes, ciders, meads, or even non-alcoholic drinks catered to adults.

While we offered a wide selection, what we always emphasised on was quality. There are enough commercial brands in the market already, we reckon, and we don’t want to be adding to the mess of mass-produced booze out there. Our first physical retail store was thus a manifestation of that tastemaking standard. You will only find a curated inventory of the best craft beverages on our shelves (and in our fridges).

Fast forward to today, and we have expanded not just our retail catalogue (bringing you some amazing cult hits while we’re at it), but our services too, adding a sizable taproom and bar to our UE Square space so that you can have a comfortable place to grab a drink and chat with friends while you’re here.

Sake Matsuri 2019

Meanwhile, our online e-commerce has expanded rapidly as well, with more and more of you enjoying the convenience of having our beverages delivered chilled to your doorstep. Add to that regularly held events (during pre-Covid times, of course) like craft sake appreciation festival Sake Matsuri, and showcase event The ALT MKT, and it’s obvious we have truly come a long way.

Most importantly, in these few short years, what we are most proud of is to have achieved the baseline, a minimal standard if you will, of what we hope for the craft alcohol industry. Here's what they are.

Focus on craft

We want to support and showcase brewers, distillers and vintners that care about what they produce. These small, independent producers create great products, and they deserve to be enjoyed by more people. After all, if people only get access to mass commercial offerings, who can blame them for not being more discerning with their alcoholic beverage of choice? We’re here to change that.

Our cool and dependable cold truck

Chilled to your doorstep

The importance of having your orders delivered chilled to your homes goes beyond just letting you crack a cold one open the moment your package arrives. What we are really trying to do is to enable unbroken cold-chain delivery of all our products to you. We work with trusted distributors and producers only, ensuring that spoilage from sudden temperature fluctuations never occur. Our cold rooms and (super cool) cold truck is also testament to that.

Community advocate

We’re all about advancing craft products and what they stand for without ever being a snob about it. Whether you’re a beer geek, oenophile or just someone dabbling into craft beverages for the first time, we’re equally happy to meet you and have a chat. You’ll realise the community is simply full of curious imbibers gathering around the wide world of craft like cold campers around a bonfire.

Join our In Good Spirits community here.


We may have already achieved all this, but that doesn’t mean we have arrived. By no means. Attaining these main goals and setting the standard right is only the beginning of the journey for us.

We certainly have many exciting new happenings coming up. Stay tuned to our channels and be updated first on what we have in store!